The Two Rocks of Two Rock

We often speak place names without thinking about what they mean. For instance, there are four Grand Views in Sonoma County, one each in Sebastopol, Healdsburg, Petaluma, and Camp Meeker. Some of these live up to their name with truly grand views. Others, not so much.  There are oak place names all over  Sonoma County. We have Oak St and Oak Ln,  Oak Hollow, Oak Brook, Oak Vista, Oak Crest, etc. At some point, all those places probably did have oaks. Today, maybe or may not.

One place name that is quite unique is Two Rock. The native Americans on their treks to the coast used this formation of two rocks as a landmark for centuries. Early Spanish settlers called them Dos Piedras, or Two Rocks. The plural was lost in later translations to English, so this famous landmark is now simply Two Rock.

You can now buy the rocks…

It’s not every day that you get a chance to buy a historically interesting site with a history dating back to centuries of native American travel. You can always buy a house on an “oak” street or with a “grand view”, but Two Rock is unique.

The Two Rock property for sale consists of 23 acres overall with one unfinished house, a mobile home, a greenhouse, and some barns. I’d call it a fixer, for sure. According to what I have learned, the repairs on the house have been done with permits, but it’s not complete yet, and there is no certificate of occupancy.  That can make financing impossible hard, so the ideal buyers for this property will have acquisition cash available.

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