Petaluma Real Estate

Santa Rosa Dominates Real Estate Sales

Santa Rosa rules the real estate market in Sonoma County. No city is close in population or number of housing units, so any chart either has to have an extended scale or leave Santa Rosa out of the figures. I made two charts to illustrate just how tough Santa Rosa makes it for the rest

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Sonoma County Small Acreage Homes

A place in the country. A hobby vineyard outside Healdsburg. A few acres of vines east of Sonoma. A little ranch near Sebastopol. Sonoma County country real estate is driven by buyers looking for their piece of the American dream. Cities are crowded. Suburbs are less crowded, but a garage or bedroom is what you’re

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Petaluma Real Estate

Petaluma has a fascinating history as a gold rush food production town turned chicken headquarters turned broadband high tech headquarters. The legacy of sustained usefulness to society is a wealth of intersting neighborhoods, great houses, and plenty of regular suburbia for those so inclined. It’s the closest place in Sonoma County to San Francisco, the

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