Sonoma County Real Estate Pricing Trends

Discount from Original Listing Price
Real Estate Pricing Discounts from Original Listing Price

By definition, buyers and sellers establish the actual “market price” of any property when they complete a transaction.
Before any property is listed for sale, the seller and listing agent must determine an original listing price. The chart above tracks the accuracy of that price setting process. Any points below the horizontal axis means the property sold for less than the original listing price. Positions over the line indicate a hot market where buyers are bidding more than the initial price.
Anybody who has been home shopping recently has felt the impact. 2021 and 2022 were the first years since 2013 that prices were rising so quickly that eager sellers were still underestimating demand and pricing their homes below market levels. Some Sonoma County cities including Petaluma and Rohnert Park have maintained strong enough demand to still feature homes selling over asking price. Other cities like Healdsburg and Sonoma grew their averages so quickly that sellers and agents price got accustomed to pricing homes higher than the market. You can see the rapid price increases clearly in this chart that shows the same cities in the same time frame.
Sonoma County Average SFR Sales Price by City
Average Sonoma County SFR Selling Price

Healdsburg and Sonoma are relatively small towns with only a few hundred transactions each year. A few high value sales can have a big immpact on averages, and we see that in Healdsburg with sales at Montage, Mill District and some large country estates. You can still find more than a dozen Healdsburg homes listed for under $1,000,000, but there are many more homes above that level. Please contact me
if you would like more specific data on properties or cities you are interested in.

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