Costs of Living with Fire

Water and Power

Water supply from street includes larger pipes

Living in fire prone areas requires planning and adaptation. New houses, in particular, have to meet stricter codes for fire sprinkler systems. It’s not just the sprinklers that add cost, but the entire water supply system which has to be larger to provide enough water for the sprinklers to work as designed.

Generator hookups and fire sprinkler water supply

The water system of a modern house has to provide for both domestic water use and also fire suppression. The plumbing outside includes pressure testing and electrical connection to fire sytstems. This home also features a Generac generator system which is connected to the traditional home wiring and will power the important features of the house in the event of a blackout.

The generator is a free standing unit that requires natural gas for fuel and careful electrical installation to guarantee safe and effective use.

These improvements to modern houses are valuable when needed, but costly to install and maintain. There is a reason new houses cost more than older homes. The continual updating of building code requirements is one powerful and unavoidable reason.

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