Price per Square Foot in Sonoma County

Price per square foot is a useful tool for the real estate industry. Real estate agents use it for  informal appraisals and professional appraisers make use of it for formal valuations. For home buyers it’s one way to compare homes of different sizes but similar construction quality. Contractors and architects use it as a shorthand […]

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Sonoma Residential Prices

Knowing residential pricing trends makes you a smarter buyer. Period. Whether you’re chasing an REO investment or competing against multiple offers for your personal dream house, you need to know what other people are doing. Real estate brokers and agents are very good at protecting the confidentiality of their current offers, so the only way

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Santa Rosa Dominates Real Estate Sales

Santa Rosa rules the real estate market in Sonoma County. No city is close in population or number of housing units, so any chart either has to have an extended scale or leave Santa Rosa out of the figures. I made two charts to illustrate just how tough Santa Rosa makes it for the rest

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