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Average Sonoma Home Prices

Rising home prices are a popular topic for homeowners. Not so much for renters and others trying to buy property in a challenging market. This century witnessed prices plummet in 2008 after the financial crisis. Since the market bottom in 2011 prices have shown a steady rise year over year. Covid helped shape a new …

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Sonoma Country Property Fuels Dreams

Country living has a vivid place in the American imagination. You might be toiling in a cubicle today, but in your heart you are already planting the deep, rich beds of asparagus that you’ll be eating in your retirement. While you answer the next call stacked up in the queue, you can just feel the …

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Santa Rosa Dominates Real Estate Sales

Santa Rosa rules the real estate market in Sonoma County. No city is close in population or number of housing units, so any chart either has to have an extended scale or leave Santa Rosa out of the figures. I made two charts to illustrate just how tough Santa Rosa makes it for the rest …

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