Sonoma Real Estate

Average Sonoma Home Prices

Rising home prices are a popular topic for homeowners. Not so much for renters and others trying to buy property in a challenging market. This century witnessed prices plummet in 2008 after the financial crisis. Since the market bottom in 2011 prices have shown a steady rise year over year. Covid helped shape a new […]

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Luxury Homes in Sonoma County

Sonoma County continues to be a favorite destination of smart buyers willing to pay a premium price for the wine country lifestyle.  Many are successful and financially prudent Bay Area residents looking for second homes that will turn into their primary residence when they retire. Other highly-qualified buyers are looking for an additional residence or

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Sonoma Residential Prices

Knowing residential pricing trends makes you a smarter buyer. Period. Whether you’re chasing an REO investment or competing against multiple offers for your personal dream house, you need to know what other people are doing. Real estate brokers and agents are very good at protecting the confidentiality of their current offers, so the only way

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