Sonoma Housing Demand Pushes Prices Higher

Full price isn’t high enough. It’s strange to write those words after six months of free-falling home values in 2008 and four years of bumping along a fitful bottom since then. What we are seeing both nationally and locally is that owner occupants and investors have returned to the market in large numbers. We are

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Hot Real Estate in Sonoma County

Nobody wants to buy at the top of the market. On the other hand, trying to practice market timing in real estate has proven to be almost impossible. Prices nationally are drifting slightly lower, but some markets have already started to strengthen and prices may be rising. If you aren’t keeping track of what’s going

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Sonoma Residential Prices

Knowing residential pricing trends makes you a smarter buyer. Period. Whether you’re chasing an REO investment or competing against multiple offers for your personal dream house, you need to know what other people are doing. Real estate brokers and agents are very good at protecting the confidentiality of their current offers, so the only way

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