Bodega Architecture and Quoins

Potter Schoolhouse in BodegaThe Potter Schoolhouse in Bodega is one of the few remaining buildings from Alfred Hitchcock’s filming of “The Birds”. It’s been a schoolhouse, bed and breakfast, and private residence. I’m a fan of the simple symmetry of the building with the round-top windows, corner columns, and octagonal tower. It’s a timeless building without the gingerbread of a Queen Anne or the stripped down plainness of the Craftsman style. There are a couple of other buildings in Bodega that I really like.

Quoins in BodegaThis simple residence features dramatic yellow painted quoins which are elements that were traditionally used to imitate how stone walls meet at corners. These wooden quoins are common in buildings of the late 1800’s and appear in everything from a Italianate to a Queen Anne to this plainer example. One of my favorite fixers on North St in Healdsburg shares this detail.

Bodega farmhouseThe final gem on my trip was this attractive two story, two porch farmhouse behind a white picket fence. The eaves, porches, and windows all have nice detailing that is highlighted by the simple horizonal siding. The relatively steep, hipped roof and arched windows make this a good example of an Italianate style building. Weathered SignJust outside the picket fence is this old weathered sign which probably proclaimed this as an inn or commercial establishment. Now it’s a great example of the forces of nature on human construction.

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  1. I have been to Bodega bay and I have watched the birds movie. many times.

    I have to agree with you on the Architecture…

    Really cool website …

    Sonoma is really beautiful I love it …

    If my GF would marry me I would move there 🙂

  2. I live in Bodega in one of the old houses, and find it slightly creepy that people are asking for the address of my neighbors’ homes, none of which are for sale. That said, we’re used to tourists. All of the homes mentioned are easily seen from Bodega Hwy, though the Schoolhouse is on Bodega Lane. There is also a cool old creamery down Salmon Creek Road (also someone’s home, so be respectful).

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