Sonoma County REO Map

Maps Rule!

My lovely and talented wife hates it when I start raving about maps. “It’s unseemly”, she says, and besides, “hardly anybody loves maps like you do.”

So, here’s the compromise. I won’t rave about this map. Just go check it out.

Sonoma REO Map Search Screen Shot
Sonoma REO Map Search Screen Shot

I will say, not ranting or raving mind you, that looking for property on a map is much more useful than going over a printed lists. For one thing, you can start near where you or a friend lives and start scanning the neighborhoods you know. With a list, you just might miss a street or tiny cul de sac you aren’t familiar with.  I love spreadsheets for doing investment analysis or running a database too, but there’s nothing as satisfying as cruising around a map online to see what real estate bargains are waiting for you.

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