Looking for the wine country life

Sonoma County Barn
Sonoma County Barn

People chase their dreams to Sonoma County. For some it’s an adventurous leap to a new lifestyle in the wine business. For others it’s the coast and redwoods with their timeless beauty and larger than life rhythms. For still others it’s the fertile soils and the summoning call of dawn’s rooster, jealous memories of harvest celebrations as an outsider, and the yearning for calluses and soul-filling work poured into every crop. Flocks of dreamers heading to Sonoma County from every direction. You may be one of them.

5 to 500 acres starting at $500,000

It’s not quite true that everyone wants the same things, but every real estate agent in Napa and Sonoma can tell you about the couple looking for five to ten acres with a little farmhouse and some room for grapes. We’d have sold the wine country out of land ten times over if we had enough of those dream properties that people want. The fact that classic farmhouses with palm trees and redwoods sharing a front yard even exist in this world is amazing in itself. To actually see one on the market from time to time is even more remarkable. For the most part we deal with more prosaic properties, each with idiosyncratic tendencies and charming flaws. Charming, but disclosed in any case.

During the peak of the real estate bubble, land of any kind or size was hard to find.  The easing of the bubble and the slower economy we are now enduring have combined to create one of the best land portfolios we have ever had to offer.  We have vineyards, forests, farms, shacks, Victorians, and maybe even a mansion or two. If you are one of my precious flock of land enthusiasts, let’s start exploring your options.

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  1. With the printing of a new $1 Trillion, these prices will soon be fantastic. Time to buy the survivalist dream property – sunny land, water, orchards/potential.

  2. Beautiful picture. I look out at this barn everyday on Roblar as I’m across the road… its a beautiful place to live.

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