Main Street Station

Main Street Station

This is the great place to look for live entertainment any night of the week. The owner, Suzi Feehery, has an ear for jazz and singers and books the best talent in and out of the area. For a small cover fee (usually $3-5) you can spend the evening with the likes of Grammy Nominee Vernelle Anders ( “At Last”) or a hot blues artist like Gwen “Sugar Mama” Avery. There is someone I’d like to see and hear there every night of the week.

Even on a rainy winter night there might be at least thirty people there enjoying the jam, juice, and jive.

The menu is Italian style featuring great country pizza and prime rib on weekends. You are guaranteed a good time at Main Street. You can even try your hand at Open No Mic with Kit Mariah on alternate Sundays.

Check out their website at for more information.
16280 Main Street

PS They deliver too!