Home Depot is not a four letter word

Badly done home remodels aren’t the fault of Home Depot. Too many homeowners watching “Flip this House” or “Trading Places” got themselves focused on the wrong aspects of home repair. The fundamentals of construction techniques that have evolved over centuries were ignored in favor of flashy fixtures and false ideas about quality and materials. Well meaning, but inexperienced, weekend builders invested thousands of dollars in projects that currently drag down the value of the houses they once owned.

Missing Threshold Between Carpet and Wood

Floors shout this most clearly. More than half the REO (bank owned) homes I visit have sloppy, owner-installed floor projects. The problems include missing thresholds (most common), poor wall junctures, improper underlayment, inappropriate material choices, and incorrect installation. It’s clear that the owners wanted improvements, but they ended up with results that are a net negative for the home’s value. The best lesson I can draw from this is that you should start with projects you know you can finish…properly.

Gaps in Flooring at Cabinets
Gaps in Flooring at Cabinets

Sonoma County has plenty of good sources of materials for do it yourselfers.

  • Friedman Brothers
  • Lowes
  • Home Depot
  • Healdsburg Lumber
  • Ace Hardware
  • Berry’s Mill in Cazadero
  • and many more

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