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Coastal Sonoma County is a spectacular, rugged, and remote place to live. The main town is Bodega Bay with a great harbor for commercial and sport fishing and Doran Beach, the best beach along the whole coast for recreation. Heading north on Highway One, there are many state parks along the coast including Salmon Creek and Goat Rock, both south of Jenner, a smaller coastal town. Farther north are the parks of Fort Ross and Salt Point and the towns of Timber Cove, Sea Ranch, and on up into Mendocino County.
I mentioned remote, and that’s a serious issue for residents here. The local shopping is severely limited. If you want to live here, you have to be smart about shopping and planning your trips into town to get maximum value for your travel. In exchange, you have blustery weather, frequent fog, and the intense energy of living where air, water, and land come together.
The Sea Ranch Association is the largest community along the coast with a span of almost ten miles along the coast. There’s a fascinating history of the area at that link and I recommend that you read it if you are interested in Sea Ranch property.
Recent developments along the coast include significant acquisitions by the state including the Jenner headlands, many thousands of acres north of the Russian River that will not be in state parklands forever. There is definitely a finite quality to coastal real estate. Between the state’s desire for conservation and major property holdings for logging in private timberlands, there aren’t a lot of options to acquire either lots or homes along the Sonoma Coast.

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