Cherry Tree Dense with Blooms

This was a stellar day. You know how sometimes the light is just right and the temperature mellow warm, but not hot. Add to that the wonderful smells filling the air as the growing season kicks into high gear with the warming and lengthening days. I stopped along Old Redwood Highway near Wikiup to grab some pictures of early flowering cherries and plums. The air under these trees was dense with scent…almost intoxicating in its power. The masses of flowers on the trees almost defy description. These are the street trees rather than the great fruit bearing cherries, so the whole breeding goal has been for intense color and density of the flowers. These mature specimens illustrate their success.

Cherry blossomsA close up of a random branch shows flowers packed as tightly as they will fit. The effect of massed flowers which is apparent at a distance becomes even more intense close up when each flower’s fragrance is added to the next.

The pink blossoms surround darker centers with pistils and stamens colorfully projecting an inch or more from the center.

Cherry blossom close up

The whole effect is magically powerful as the eye is grabbed, the nose is sweetly invaded, and the air itself seems to vibrate with the intensity of the display. It’s no wonder bees, hummingbirds, and humans all flock to these trees in this season. Absolutely irresistible.

4 thoughts on “Cherry blossoms are impossibly intense”

  1. Hi!

    I am wondering if you might be able to tell me the latin/proper name for this type of cherry tree. I would like to put a few on my property, and want to make certain I ask for the right one at the nursery. If you know and could tell me, I’d greatly appreciate it. Thanks! Gina

  2. Gina,
    I wish I could help out, but these are old enough that any identifier is long gone. Your best bet is to hang out in your local nursery as their trees start to flower. I am sending you by email a higher resolution picture that you could take to the nursery to see if they can identify it for you.

  3. Hi,
    I just moved her from RI and as I drive down the highway at night ( I mean freeway) there is this amazingly sweet, strong smell that is so beautiful. I have never smelt anything so nice in the air and especially not at 70 mph.. is it these cherry blossoms I see at the top of the page?? if so does the scent last a long time?? i would love to buy a few for my yard if so.. thanx.. connie

  4. The cherry blossoms are gone now, but we have wisteria going crazy, the first roses are blooming, and lots of other plants are in full spring blooming mode. I’m not sure what you’re smelling on the freeway, but I’d like to know where you’re driving when you smell it. It sounds like it’s worth a special trip.

    Welcome to Sonoma County!

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