Spring in Luther Burbank Land

It’s easy to forget how blessed we are in Sonoma County. I was previewing a Healdsburg listing for some snow-bound clients who wanted to know what was blooming right now. The property owners obviously loved camellias and had planted some wonderful specimens to go with the quince and daffodils that bracket the floral show below. These photos are all from the middle of February.
Renowned horiculturist Luther Burbank considered Sonoma County “the chosen spot of all earth as far as nature is concerned.”


Bottlebrush Blooming
Bottlebrush Blooming

2010 has been a helluva long winter/spring. We’re looking at four more days of rain at the end of May. It was and still is a fantastically green and verdant time of year, but I would love me some sun.

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  1. Mention of Luther’s Sebastopol Gold Ridge Farm where he did most of his experiments would be a good addition to your Sonoma site. Our web address above will shortly change to wschs.com hosted by sonic.net we anticipate.
    Burbank’s farm is part of the volunteer work of the historical society.

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