Roblar Road

Serendipidy can be your friend. In my case, a search for the fastest route to Dillon Beach told me part of my drive should be on Roblar Road. It’s been a while since I drove that stretch of Sonoma County between Petaluma and Sebastopol, so this morning I went for a drive.

Sonoma Cow

Man, it was beautiful.

Part of it was the light, but the magic was part green, part quiet, part animal, and a big dollop of pace. I was lucky that I left an hour early for my appointment. I had hoped to get some pictures on the drive, but the final results were much better than I had hoped for. It wasn’t just that I got some fun pictures, but that my mood got a chance to get mellow by sharing some space and time with a very special place.

The critters that get to hang out all day munching luscious Sonoma County grass may not notice that they live in a great area, but I think the California Cheese commercials on TV actually capture something when they talk about California cows. I haven’t seen any TV for sheep, but they seem to be in on the action as well.

Sonoma SheepThe one bee buzzing around the picnic was an issue that I hadn’t been aware of until my drive today. There are efforts to open a quarry on Roblar Road. I don’t know enough to take sides on this, but I feel strongly that a neighborhood as peaceful and rural as Roblar Road deserves a chance to opt out of the path of progress if they choose to. You can read more details of the issues in this Sonoma West Times and News article

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  1. Hi,
    I really like your roblar road barn picture. Would it be ok with you if I use it in a web design class that I am taking at SRJC? If so, please let me know any restrictions, etc. Thanks for your consideration.

  2. Shelle,
    I have sent you permission (and a higher resolution image) in a separate email. Thanks for asking for permission. Good luck with your web design class. I highly recommend as a real world reality check for web site designers. They focus on usability, actual testing of sites with real people, and a relentless goal of making sites useful. I always learn a lot from them.

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