Round Porch Classic in Santa Rosa

I was looking for a multi-unit building for sale on Morgan Street in Santa Rosa last week when I came across a beautiful round porch. If you’re new to my blog you probably don’t realize that I’m a lover of architectural details in general and round porches in particular. Round porches represent a powerful expression of carpenter art and talent that isn’t matched by many other details. This porch includes a wonderfully constructed curved wall pictured here. Sonoma County real estate includes many round porches, particularly in Healdsburg.

Next time you’re walking in your neighborhood, see if you can spot any curved porches or other sweet architectural details. I’d love to hear from you if you find something you love.

2 thoughts on “Round Porch Classic in Santa Rosa”

  1. I am about to build a home with a round porch similar to your photo. I was looking for framing ideas for the radius. your photo of the underside of the porch is helpful. Thanks for appreciating good carpentry.

  2. I have been wonder about the round porch myself and would like to know how to do this I think its very interesting to make and very knowledgeable has a carpenter , and so cool. thanks for the help john

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