North Street Fixer in Healdsburg

Healdsburg North St brick foundation failureSome see ruin, failing brick foundation, peeling paint, sagging floors, and throw up their hands in despair. I see classic lines, the pride of the original designer and builder, and the heart of Healdsburg location. I have loved this house since I first saw it twenty years ago, and it has been sad to witness her slow and avoidable deterioration. There has been the occasional paint job slapped on the great lady to hide and slow the aging process, but gravity is working it’s will. Without the prompt intervention of a new owner to repair foundations and roofs, it will be even harder to save her.

Healdsburg Nort St Door DetailOn the positive side of the ledger, she is now in the hands of someone who wants to sell. The house is on a very big lot and the potential to subdivide the lot can help underwrite the high initial cost of purchase and rehab. I am eager to help a restoration-minded buyer acquire this landmark property.


The property has been sold and is deep into a major restoration. Watch for a post detailing the work being done.

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