Forever Plaid at SRT

Summer Repertory TheatreThe SRT season begins with a dated look at music a la Lawrence Welk rife with all the cutesy bits thrown in, like: juggling, ring toss, the mad hatter, and four part harmony.  All of this sung by the cutest quartet of youthful male vigor they could find.  All four boys (and I do mean “boys”) are identical in height, frame, build, and size – even their hands are the same size!  They did have different hair colors, however.

I saw a future Alec Baldwin, David Caruso, Matt Damon, and even a potential Dexter among the bunch.  While their energy abounded, their voices at  times were “pitchy”, inharmonic, and lackluster.  There were a couple of nods to The Beatles, who did change pop music forever; but other than that, the music would definitely appeal to a more retired audience.  Take your grandma – she’ll love it – and take a trip down memory lane.

SRT performances run June 16 through August 7.  See you there!
Forever Plaid
Dangerous Liaisons with Vampires
The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee
Peter Pan (not the musical)
The Full Monty

Santa Rosa Junior College
Summer Repertory Theatre