Alexander Valley in Healdsburg

The Alexander Valley runs along the Russian River from Healdsburg in the south to Cloverdale in the north. This is famous vineyard country and is home to many premium wineries and vineyards. Here’s what the Wine Enthusiast had to say about the Alexander Valley,

“The Alexander Valley is the most diverse grape-growing region in California’s most diverse wine county, Sonoma. This long, narrow valley, home to more than 50 wineries and 200 producers, earned its reputation with rich, fruity Zinfandels and field blends in the 19th century. Alexander Valley Chardonnays were the first in the state to be vineyard-designated, and today the region produces remarkable Sauvignon Blanc, Pinot Grigio, Viognier, Pinot Blanc, Syrah, and Sangiovese, and its world-class Cabernet Sauvignon competes with the best of Napa Valley. Alexander Valley remains a consistent source of both sound, inexpensive value wines, and upscale, ultrapremium bottlings.”

Russian River Flood Markings
Russian River Flood Markings

Alexander Valley is bordered on the east by the Mayacamas Mountains and varies from 2 to 7 miles wide including the bottom lands and hillside vineyards on the east and west sides of the valley. The Russian River occasionally floods to replenish the soils on the valley floor. The total length of the valley is only 22 miles. Out of a total of 76,900 acres in the appellation, about 15,000 acres of vines are planted at this time. According to the Alexander Valley Winegrowers more than 40 wineries are currently producing wine here.

Because of the success of Cyrus Alexander and other early farmers, large parcels of land weren’t broken up into the small ranchettes common in Sonoma and Sebastopol. The large parcels make for efficient farming, but keep residential prices correspondingly high. You will find an occasional small parcel for sale, but for the most part, these are farms priced to support efficient agricultural operations.

If you are serious about grapes, Alexander Valley is one of the places you should be looking for property. If you are looking for beautiful residential estate property, Alexander Valley is also one of the places you should be looking. Do you see the pattern here? Whether you want a beautiful, productive vineyard, a winery operation, or a lovely wine country estate, Alexander Valley is worth a look.
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