The Home Inspector is Coming

When you’re selling your home, you’re under a lot of pressure—and now the home inspector is coming. Are you worried?

Don’t be.

No matter what the inspector discovers, your Realtor® will help you work your way through it.

The Home Inspector is Coming: What to Do

Before the inspector arrives, fix any minor problems that you can. Tighten that dripping faucet, change burned-out lightbulbs, and re-seal the windows and doors if necessary. Little things like these are all documented in a home inspector’s report, so it’s best if you fix them ahead of time.

Empty the spaces beneath your sinks; that will make the home inspector’s job a little easier.

When the inspector comes, leave the house. Let your Realtor stick around; it will be easier for everyone involved if you’re not hovering. It’s not uncommon for a home inspection to take several hours (generally it’s about three), so you don’t want to be in the way or have to stop your normal activities so the inspector can work.

If you do stay home while the inspector is there, don’t try to defend your house to the inspector. He or she isn’t your enemy; the reason the inspector is there is to give the buyer a reasonable assessment of your property. You can explain and negotiate after the inspector completes his or her report.

Make sure that the home inspector has access to every area of your home. If he or she can’t inspect an area, it will go into the report—and the buyer may think that you’re trying to hide something.

After the Inspection

If the buyer requests that you make any repairs to the home, make them promptly. In many cases, home inspectors will come back out to your home and verify that the repairs have been completed as a courtesy to the buyer, so be open to that possibility as well.

Let’s Talk about Selling Your Dave Roberts Home

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