SRT Dangerous Liaisons with Vampires

I knew they wouldn’t let me down!  SRT comes through with a topical update of Dangerous Liasons with Vampires (!)  and I did rather enjoy it.  The cast was on their toes; adept at dialogue and characterization.  Outstanding were Vanessa Gibens  as The Marquise and Ricco Fajardo  as Valmont paired as the two infamous lovers locked in a perverted competition seeking revenge and heartbreak.

James Newman has adapted the story and created a new piece in alignment with some of the more current popular vampire stories.  The SRT version, directed by  Elizabeth Gardiner, is toned down a bite (sic) in the blood and lust department to suit both the tastes of the somewhat provincial Sonoma County and the close proximity of the actors to the audience in the intimate Newman Hall.  The sets and the costumes were all changed on stage in full view of the audience which also added intrigue.

Overall Dangerous Liasons with Vampires is an intriguing play spanning 200 years beginning in 1789 in Paris where the original story took place to 1889 in the ever popular vampire locale of New Orleans and ending in 1989 in San Francisco rife with disco and a laser light show.  I highly recommend it!  Get your tickets now because it will be sold out.

SRT performances run June 16 through August 7.  See you there!
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