Green Luxury at the h2hotel in Healdsburg

The h2hotel in Healdsburg has to rank among the greenest and most upbeat hotels in the world. I toured the hotel today in advance of their fully b0oked July 4 weekend and was impressed with the deep attention to detail and brilliant design that squeezed this spacious feeling hotel into an underutilized downtown space.  The staff has had their shakedown cruise and appeared cheerful and eager to meet their first set of guests.

PUBLIC Bikes for hotel guests

A few workers worried over final details of last minute landscaping, wiring and fountain details, but the rooms, junior suites, and suites that I looked at seemed perfectly ready. The PUBLIC bikes were even in their racks , waiting for the first complimentary rides by h2hotel”s guests. The pool (header image) certainly looked ready for a summer dip on this warm day.

H@ Hotel undulating roof
H2 Hotel Undulating Roof

The  hotel’s iconic facade includes an undulating roof, and a mix of wood and concrete to go with the rust colored corten steel balconies. Along with the Healdsburg Hotel’s sun-dappled roofline, this hotel cements the reputation of architect David Baker as a bold, brilliant artist with light, space, and materials. Not visible from the street is the living, green roof atop the roof that filters rainwater and provides other benefits.

This hotel will help extend the downtown social life an extra block south of the Healdsburg plaza. Facing the plaza, of course, is the sister property of the h2hotel, the Healdsburg Hotel and famed Dry Creek Kitchen. The opening of the new restaurant at h2hotel, the Spoonbar, will be a culinary event that should deepen Healdsburg’s already stellar food reputation.

I intentionally didn’t show any interior photos of the rooms or of the art that enriches both interior and exterior spaces. I’ll let you discover those on your own.

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