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Stirling Performance Dessert
Stirling Performance: Cakes, Pastries and Plated desserts for all occasions! Delicious desserts prepared by chef Scott Noll.

phone: 707-495-8353

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Stirling Performance Cake With over 25 years of culinary excellence and dedication to the art of food few have the skill and artistic vision to make your celebration perfect like Stirling Performance. They specialize in pastry, cakes and plated desserts for all events from weddings, catered events, anniversaries to corporate functions. They can also produce cakes for any diet restriction from gluten free to 100% vegan.
*We believe in local charities and donate a percentage of our revenue at the end of every year to a local charity!
Auntie B Wedding Cake
Auntie B’s

The secret of Auntie B’s success is using only fresh ingredients and making everything from scratch. While other bakers have abandoned some of the more time consuming processes in favor of pre-made mixes, Auntie B’s sticks to tradition.