Selling your home

The essence of  Clint Eastwood’s famous Dirty Harry line, “a man’s gotta do what a man’s gotta do.”  is behind a lot of the real estate market today. Sonoma County home sales are the same as elsewhere in the country. Many people are choosing to move to be near children or to downsize their home. They are the flexible sellers who aren’t driven by timing as much and who can wait for markets to get better.  Some happy families are blending and may need to sell two houses to buy something better suited to more children.

For many other, however, selling a house isn’t a choice, but a necessity.  There’s a long list of sad moments in peoples’ lives that translate into the need to dispose of real estate.  Job related situations include transfers, layoffs,  or company closings.  Divorce frequently require a home to be sold for division of assets.  Sadly, for many baby boomers, the death or disability of parents creates the need to sell a family home.

No matter what triggers the need to sell, however, everyone selling a house has to deal with the same issues.

  • Sell it ourselves or use a broker
  • Getting the house ready to sell
  • Moving out
  • Staging
  • Title issues
  • Pest clearance
  • Do we owe more than its worth
  • Tax, credit and estate implications

This list makes a good starting point for anyone planning to sell their house who wants to think about their options. Selling Sonoma County real estate is what we do. Let us help you organize your thoughts and make a smart decision.