Foss Creek Villas in Healdsburg

Foss Creek VillasSometimes good opportunities are right in front of you and you just can’t see them. That’s what I was thinking after I got done touring the Foss Creek Villas with Ed Buckner last week. I am usually focused on Healdsburg real estate whether it’s vineyard properties or country land or looking at Victorians on Matheson and Tucker. I’ll also check out anything near downtown Healdsburg since walking distance to the plaza is always a great selling point. Somehow in the midst of all that looking, the fact that Healdsburg has some affordable condos in walking distance to downtown just hadn’t registered.

LandscapingI’ve looked at the condos at the Grove (just across the street), and they’re very nicely done and brand new, but with prices starting at around $615,000 they’re not a weekend getaway place for everyone. I still think they represent an excellent value, but after seeing what $399,000 to $449,000 (Updated: Prices are lower) can buy at Foss Creek Villas I know where I would buy my Healdsburg getaway place. The $300,000 you save buys an awful lot of great dinners at Cyrus and Dry Creek Kitchen, and that’s one of the main reasons you want to spend your spare time in Healdsburg anyway.

Foss Creek Villas KitchenThe two bedroom, two bath Foss Creek Villas have been totally redone with new interiors, great landscaping, and garages for the first 25 buyers. The kitchens are high quality with granite counter tops and stainless steel appliances and the finishes throughout are very nice quality. You can find a lot more detail and the full sales pitch at the condo web site, but I wanted to mention the project here just to let my readers know that you can still find excellent real estate values in Healdsburg. I don’t know of any place along the 101 corridor from Sonoma County to San Jose where you can be so close to so many good restaurants for well under $400,000. (Updated: Price)

Foss Creek Villas UpstairsOf course, these places aren’t just for weekend visitors. This is a great location for anyone working downtown, in any of the Foss Circle business condos, or at the Parkpoint Health Club which is just across the street. It’s hard to get more convenient than this.

As a last word, I think the landscaping people have done a great job. Next time you’re in the area, stop by for a look and say hello to Ed for me. (Update: No Ed…)

UPDATED: Corrected web link.

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