Tiny and Small Houses

There’s a small house to be had in Sebastopol. Well, small might be too grand a term for a house less than 200 square feet, but the Tumbleweed Tiny House Company is drawing national attention for their tiny houses and house plans ranging from 65 to an expansive 837 square feet.

Jay Shafer, the driving force behind Tumbleweed has been living in very small spaces since 1997, driven partly by an interest in a simpler, more environmentally friendly life style. His company is a leader in the small home movement which has adherents all over the world. Jay holds an open house the second saturday of every month to give people a chance to see a tiny house and talk to him about what it’s like to live in such a small space. You need to sign up for the Tumbleweed open house.

In the real world of houses for sale in Sonoma County, there are quite a few small houses. I don’t have a good selection tool for maximum square footage, but price and number of bedrooms combine to make the following slideshow a good sample of what’s available now:
There’s one lovely small-house, big land property that will be on the market in late summer. It’s on over half an acre that already has over half a dozen fruit trees planted. The house is small at around 600 square feet, but it will be completely rebuilt with modern insulation, new windows, walls and floors, a new foundation, and a new kitchen. It will be perfect for one or two people who want to enjoy their Sonoma County gardens most of the year and retreat to their snug, energy efficient small home when the weather gets colder. Small and green is the way to go these days. Let me know if you are interested in more details on this southwest Santa Rosa property.