Sonoma County Fair

Too good to wait
Ibleto's - too good to photograph...
Home from the fair and everything seems dim by contrast.  It was a spectacular day – mid 80’s- sunny and breezy.  We set out to have a fun day and we did!

I love horse racing!   Horses are such gorgeous animals – strong, sleek, and fast.  The crowd anticipates each race, bettors studying the forms, checking out the contestants in the paddock, horses on parade, making the bet… two minutes til post, one minute til post,

Sonoma County Fair Horse Racing
At the Post
the horses at the gate.  They’re off!  The crowd moves forward, chanting, “# 7, come on #6, #2, etc. until both the crowd and the horses reach an astonishing crescendo!  “#2! #7!”  I can’t help myself.  I’m screaming! #2 and #7 come in  – Escape Plan in the 7th and Fancy Reader in the 8th.  The winnings pay for Ibleto’s spaghetti – both green and red – yummy!

Baby Goat
Baby Goat
Aside from the horses, we make friends with two little playful white goats, saw some magnificent cows, and our favorite chickens.  The pig pens were mostly empty – hopefully sold for future college funds.

The flower show with the theme of “Grape Escape” featured  Sonoma County appellations and was one of the best we can remember.

Sonoma County Fair Dixieland Band
Dixieland Band
We came across a random parade led by a Dixieland band.  I do love traditional jazz – it’s such happy festive music!  Kettle Korn, a dill pickle, a taste of fudge, a Clover ice cream cone, and a run through the industrial building rounded out our day.

As I drift off to sleep, the sights, the smells, the tastes and the sounds of the day linger in my mind…  We had a great time! Can’t wait til next year.

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