Sebastopol Field of Dreams

Alpaca mom and teenWe all do visual double takes. Is that a Llama or goat or what? For all of us it’s a familiar experience, particularly since life is zooming by and we usually don’t have time to see things carefully the first time. When I looked at this property the first time I certainly made a bunch of assumptions that didn’t turn out to be true. I got one right, but I’ll tell you about that after I confess my mistakes.

Grapes in a Christmas TreeBy the way, the mistakes I made are why I ended up liking this Watertrough Road four acre parcel in Sebastopol so much. It fooled me several times as I would first label it and then have to change my mind once I got to know a little more about it. The learning process helped me understand all the great things about this place that the quick glance and premature labeling would have made me miss. So not only do I come out liking the property a lot, but it reminded me to wait before passing judgment. That’s almost always a good idea.

Cory Maguire with alpaca skullThe first thing to hit you when you arrive is there’s no place to park. There is a modest driveway, but even one parked van can block access for a second vehicle. So you park down the road or in a neighbor’s driveway and think “inaccessible”. At least, that’s what my labeling mind did. The reality that I missed is that not only is there a long driveway with plenty of room beyond the gate, but there’s a completely separate access along the edge of the property that could lead to a new estate home site. Fortunately, Cory Maguire, the listing agent, was able to straighten me out. Oops.

No Irrigation Apples Growing FineMy second thought was dryness and sparseness. The area around the house doesn’t have much grass and there’s not a lot of underbrush. As you probably guessed by now, wrong again.

Fall grass, thick and healthyCory led me on a tour down the length of this gently eastward sloping land, and she pointed out both the ample dry grass underfoot and the hardy fruit trees that have endured irrigation-free summers and still managed to put out bumper crops of apples and pears. The grass free areas are a result of the owner’s alpaca herd doing what animals do the world over. Eat grass. Or pears. Oops.

Alpaca scarfing a pearThis is fertile land, Goldridge sandy loam, that would support grapes, organic gardens, horses, or any other commercial or family 4-H activity you can think of. It’s zoned DA which is Sonoma County’s most flexible designation. If you’re thinking of a 4-H place the other thing you should know is that the school here, Twin Hills, is a very fine place to send your children. Great parents and teachers working together to make sure all the kids get a good education.

Tired barnBefore you think I was a complete loon about this property I have to say that I got one label correct. The first thought I had on seeing the buildings and fences was “fixer”. I was right about that. However, don’t let the general air of structural decrepitude mask the true character of this four acre gem from your sight. Keep in mind that the 1920’s farmhouse can keep it’s claim in Sebatopol history as a granny and a main dwelling further down the property can be built. Give me a call or send me an email and I’ll arrange a tour for you and we can talk about the field of dreams you would build here. Dave Roberts 707-869-1884.  – SORRY, THIS GREAT PROPERTY IS SOLD

And in case you missed the clues, those are alpacas in the top picture.