Rohnert Park and Cotati

Rohnert Park Alicia ParkRohnert Park: In the year 1956, only four adult residents lived within the district boundaries, but in 1957 with the 101 Freeway newly completed at the Cotati bypass, Rohnert Park began to be built and laid out as a planned city. In a summer election of 1962, Rohnert Park was incorporated, comprised of 1,325 acres, housing an estimated 2,775 persons, the first town to incorporate since 1905. The historic neighboring town of Cotati, California voted to incorporate the following year. Rohnert Park is a planned city, much like Levittown, the first real subdivision in the United States. As befits a planned community, Rohnert Park has plenty of parks, well laid out streets and medians, well-located schools, and a community of residents who like lawn care, kids soccer, and fitting in. Radicals, curmudgeons, and iconoclasts probably look elsewhere, but if you’re raising a family, this is a great choice.. Rohnert Park official website