Move out of Santa Rosa, please.

Sonoma County’s generous response to this disaster and support for first responders has been heart warming and life affirming. I am very proud to be a Sonoma County resident. Beyond supporting North Bay Fire Relief, what can the average person do to help? Strangely, for those who had already thought about it, leaving this wonderful area might be the best favor you could do for those who need to stay. Here’s a few suggestions on who might be able to help the recovery in the Santa Rosa housing market:

Great Reasons to Leave Santa Rosa

  • Relocate to be closer to your grandchildren.
  • Make your life simpler by moving into an assisted living facility.
  • Move to that ranch in Oregon or Hawaiian condo you have been eyeing.
  • Accept the transfer your company keeps offering.
  • Take that year long sabbatical you have been postponing

I prefer to think that anyone who chooses to leave Santa Rosa, even temporarily, to open up the housing market for others is providing a valuable service.  Talk to the people in your life who may be considering a move. The post-fire real estate market will overlook worn carpets and tired paint. On the warm and fuzzy side, It will never be easier to find a grateful buyer.

Ask your friends and family who might just need a little nudge.