Give Thanks for Wine

We celebrated Thanksgiving with our daughter’s extended family of winemakers. It was as good as we thought it would be with a wide array of delicious food including a couple deep-fried turkeys to go with the traditional oven roasted bird. It was a grey, fall day in the Green Valley appellation. Not unusual for a November, and just right for a couple of the dads to be tossing a football around with their kids.

The venue was in the main barn/office. It’s a first for me to have the backdrop for the food to be a welding outfit and a great looking meetal shop, but grape growing is farming before it is wine. Jeans and not linen are the order of the day for the farm families that bring in the crop that makes wine.

The most interesting part of the meal for me was the wine. We got to taste many wines that have never seen a distributor’s shelves and the picture leading off this article gives an indication of the variety of offerings. With the exception of the Clos du Bois, most readers will not recognize many of these bottles. All I can say is that should visit Sonoma County and start touring some of the smaller wineries.