Gary Chu's Restaurants

Gary Chu continues to lead the way

If you haven’t eaten at Gary Chu’s eponymous (definition: named the same…Gary Chu) restaurant on Fifth St in Santa Rosa, you have a rare treat waiting for you. Nobody uses fresher ingredients or greater care in the kitchen, and the hard work pays off in the taste and the presentation. His two other restaurants in Sonoma County are excellent as well, but his flagship operation really sets the standards for other Asian restaurants to match.

I can’t begin to praise Gary Chu enough. He is a brilliant chef and engaging personality! If you have spent any time with him at the
sushi bar of Osake near closing time, you know what I mean.

For the twenty plus years our family has been frequenting his
establishments, the service and quality of the food has been of the
highest quality. We have had New Year’s Eve family parties, date
nights, birthday and anniversary celebrations, and lots of take out
over the years. I never tire of his creative style and the freshness
of the ingredients he uses.

The one poor little take out menu we keep in the front of our family telephone book has been scribbled with notes and highlights of the dishes we enjoy most. We have probably tried nearly everything he has to offer. The short list would have a list of twenty items.

Wor Won Ton Soup, Kung Pao Chicken, Sea Scallops, Black Mushrooms and Bean Curd, Imperial Seafood, Spicy Long Beans, Mongolian Beef, Five Spice Pork, Shrimp and Snow Peas, and Gahn Shaw Whole Fish would be among our favorites.

The addition of his Japanese restaurants have added another element to his brilliance. Sashimi, Poke, Nigiri and Maki Sushi, along with Udon, and Tempura add to his repertoire of culinary delights. I LOVE Gary Chu!

PS My favorite server works during lunch at Osake. Her name is
Satsuko. She pays special attention to details and she will make
your lunchtime enjoyable.

Three locations to choose from:

Gary Chu’s Gourmet Chinese Cuisine
611 Fifth St
Santa Rosa (Downtown)

2446 Patio Court
Santa Rosa (Montgomery Village)

Sake'O restaurant HealdsburgSake
505 Healdsburg Ave