Faught Road

Not too far from the energy of the Airport Business Park and Shiloh’s Wal Mart and Home Depot is Faught Road. It’s only a couple of miles long, but it’s miles away in space and time from the urbanizing 101 corridor. Faught Road HouseThis classic farm house on six acres is architecturally pleasing on many levels. The three dormer roof lines echo the larger gable and break up the roof plane. The wrap around porch makes a symmetrical division of the house height and creates blocks of space that comes close to fitting into the “golden ratio” that has always been a pleasing shape. The house itself from the peak of the gable to the width of the entire structure is also close to the golden ratio.

Faught House Golden RatioThe photograph to the right uses color masks to show the way the house’s design is a series of golden ratios. The use of these proportions is probably an unconscious element on the architect’s part; just good design that pleases the eye.