Sonoma Cohousing Project

Cohousing combines traditional neighborhoods and individually owned property with shared decision making and extensive common facilities including open space, courtyards, play spaces, and a common house where people can gather to play games, cook meals, and other neighborly pursuits.

Petaluma Avenue Cohousing in Sebastopol
Petaluma Avenue Cohousing
Photo by McCamant & Durrett Architects
Sonoma County is home to several cohousing communities including Petaluma Avenue Homes in Sebastopol and Frogsong in Cotati.
Cohousing isn’t for everyone, but people who enjoy community, neighbors, and consensus-building would probably feel at home in a cohousing community. If you are interested in the possibility of participating in a newly forming cohousing community in SW Santa Rosa, please send me an email. At the moment we have a tentative site identified, but the people who will come together to be the community will help define the character. Almost by definition the people who care about living in a community will want it to be green and sustainable for the health of the planet. On the other hand, there are choices to be made about age: Is it for seniors? Intergenerational? Family oriented? There are choices to be made about housing: Clustered? Traditional? Multi-family? The list of choices itself is part of the discussion by the people interested in the process and the project.

Cohousing resources:

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