Attention Garden Lovers

If you know a gardener looking for a modest, low-maintenance home, I’ve got a Santa Rosa listing for you. This property is almost half an acre with nearly 20,000 square feet of level, sunny land. Once you deduct for the charming, small cottage and a few trees, you’re probably dealing with a garden of nearly a third of an acre. That’s still more than big enough to grow enough fruits and vegetables to feed your friends and family…or enough flowers to make your house look and smell fantastic all year.

House raised for new foundation
New foundation under raised house

This Sonoma County farmhouse started out as a run-down house with failing septic. The new owners decided to do the right thing and bring the house back to life with a huge list of improvements. The progress started with a new foundation and removal of a low-ceiling add-on at the back. A new foundation is always a great start for a durable remodel.
The new foundation was followed with a complete remake of the interior of the house. There were too many rooms; too many narrow halls and small doors. The owners decided to make this a roomy one bedroom, one bath home, widen the short hall, and provide larger living spaces. At the same time, they decided to install new windows and doors, remove all the old sheetrock, and bring the insulation up to modern standards.

Thinking about the remodel
Thinking about the remodel

At many points during this remodel they could have decided to take shortcuts to save time or money. They didn’t. This is a house that for all intents and purposes is new. You can clearly see the results in the kitchen and bath which are both new and tastefully done.

New Kitchen
New bathroom
Bedroom with French doors to deck

This post started out talking about the garden space but has focused mainly on the house. Banks will look at the property that way for financing, and many likely buyers will want to know they are getting a house that’s going to be relatively maintenance free for a long time. The garden space is the bonus for those of us who agree with Luther Burbank that this is the chosen spot in all the world for growing things.

Rear deck looking at raised beds and gardening area
Back Yard - SW Corner
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