Hotel Les Mars, Healdsburg, Sonoma CountyTo paraphrase Arlo Guthrie, You can get anything you want, as long as you know what you’re looking for. Sonoma county has lodging for every budget and every taste, although the combination of great quality and cheap is as elusive here as anywhere else. For a European quality fine hotel you could try the Hotel les Mars in Healdsburg. Les Mars Hotel represents a unique family project, a labor of love, and a new dimension of sophisticated, luxury lodging in Sonoma county’s wine country.

Andrew Harper’s Hideaway Report, the definitive guide to luxury travel, commented that “Les Mars now sets the standard for luxury accommodations in Sonoma.”(pictured left).

For luxurious spa treatments and pampering, the Fairmont Sonoma Mission Inn and Spa is hard to beat. For less wallet busting stays there is a broad range of excellent chain hotels including the Vineyard Creek Hyatt in Santa Rosa and the Double Tree Hotel in Rohnert Park.

For a completely different feel and the personal touch, there are wonderful bed and breakfast inns scattered all around Sonoma County. Check out any of the Russian River Inns or the Wine Country Inns of Sonoma County.

You also have your pick of vacation rentals, campgrounds, motels, and other venues.

For those wondering how we categorize different forms of lodging, I humbly beg your tolerance. We asked ourselves about the difference between a hotel and a motel and couldn’t come up with an easy answer. I decide to ask Wisegeek for an answer. They figured that easy road access, doors opening to parking lots and courtyard facing rooms made a pretty good motel definition, while doors opening to interior hallways was one effective way to distinguish a hotel. That’s a good start, but for our purposes, we’ll rely on the motel/hotel/inn to tell us where they want to be categorized if we can’t figure it out. If a property calls itself a resort or a spa, it’s going into the Inns and Spas page. If they call themselves a motel, so be it. Where we scratch our head is with names like “lodge” or “suite”. If you don’t find a hotel where you expect it to be, try under motels or inns.

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